You asked for more


It’s Katelyn, here.

I’d say it’s about time for a proper introduction.

So, it all started with a dream. No, literally. One of my older brothers who was seven years old at the time that my mother was first pregnant with me, had a dream that she gave birth to a daughter and her name was “Katie.” That little girl who was just a dream became a reality! A sweet, sweet reality.

I’m quite proud of my roots in Rochester, New York — hometown of the Erie Canal, Garbage Plates, and the monorail that inspired Walt Disney’s “happiest place on earth.” I’ve also had the pleasure of making my home in Tampa, Florida where I spent many a cozy Easter on the beach(life was so hard), as well as Dallas, Texas where I learned that everything really is bigger there(except the taxes). After about 11 years of “living abroad,” I was pleased to return back home where Christmas feels more magical with a little snow. Or a lot of snow. Yes, that’s much more accurate.

I’m an ENFP just like Robert Downey, Jr., Will Smith, and Drew Barrymore. Based on the StrengthsFinder 2.0 my top five strengths are Maximizer, Futuristic, Connectedness, Strategic, and Positivity.

Basically, if you don’t know what all that mumbo-jumbo means here’s a snapshot:

  • I’m super creative so my wheels are always turning

  • I focus on utilizing strengths rather than dwelling on weakness

  • I love human connection

  • The big picture is always in my mind

  • I’m future-centric, so I’m usually imagining what’s coming around the corner… or the next century

  • I choose to lead with positivity and I love to inspire others

If you haven’t guessed by now, my friend, I love using tools that give me a window into my own self-discovery, as well as understanding the strengths and traits of others. It’s easier to treat people in a way that resonates best with their heart-values when you have insightful data to help.

I geek out over TV shows like Stranger Things and The Office (Steve Harrington and Jim Halpert are my boys for life). I’m an avid reader, art creator, karaoke buff, movie-lover, and tea-drinker. You will never find me without matcha, chai, or kombucha tea on hand. It’s just not humanly possible.

I also love Jesus. Yes, that Jesus! You could say that my faith runs deep. My faith has always been the most positive thing about me because it’s shaped my work ethic and how I love and honor others.


How about you?


I’d love to know more about you, and your hopes and dreams, too!